Collecting sneakers: a lifestyle that we always have to worry about. Formerly smiled at as nerds, it is now a hobby of many. The release calendar rushes higher, further and faster. Our streams and news feeds are full of release dates, raffles and product pics. Huge sums are paid for limited sneakers.

On June 2, 2017 the noise was broken.

What had been reality for Moritz and his mother for some time, brought us out of the sweet world of consumption with a huge bang. Moritz had a circulatory arrest and has been fighting for every little piece of normality ever since. What suddenly counts more than ever before: health, something that hardly plays a role when camping in front of the store, for example. The news stirred us up back then because we share the same passion with Moritz and know him partly from Solemart and Sneaker-TV. It became clear to us: Sneakers are something beautiful, but not everything.

Mo now has the chance to return home. His family is making every effort to make this wish come true. In addition, there is also a need for specific therapies that help improve his quality of life. Money is needed for both.

Passion unites! We ask you to support the family and help Moritz to live at home with his family. A small donation means a lot. All data and background information can be found on the following page:

Thanks for your support. We wish Moritz and his family a lot of strength.

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